D Smoke alias Daniel Farris, lately won the Netflix rap competition Rhythm & Flow, but this was only a small spike of his hip-hop journey. From Inglewood, his technique and ability on the mic is a no doubt for any fans from the rap industry. Versatile from switching English to Spanish in a matter of a second, the emcee just released Black Habits, a debut album that is as autobiographical of his roots.

In this album, he is introducing his parents struggling with drug addiction and incarceration during his colored childhood in Inglewood. Through it all, D Smoke repeats that he is nothing without his family.  On the album cover, every member is featured throughout the project.

Without forgetting the resemblance with Kendrick, only a few knows that his brother SiR,  is labelmate with Kendrick on TDE.

Here is a visual of one of my favorite video from D Smoke : Black Habits. 

In fact, the concept shows that Black Habits is a celebration of Blackness—the good and the bad. Big respect to D Smoke

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