I was watching Epic Conversation hosted by Rick Rubin. I always connect with his energy and it is beyond music. I've always approached is message and creativity. In fact, I've been reposting his motivational quotes almost every day on Instagram. You're probably asking yourself, who is Rick Rubin? Co-founder of Def Jam Records, an iconic producer that had stood at the vanguards of hip-hop and thrash metal music. He produced albums for Jay-Z, Kanye,  Eminem, Ll Cool J and way more.

I'm not really writing this today to biopic his career. He is known already and you should take a look at his work if you're clueless about who he is. I want to deliver his message preaching meditation. Every artist from the culture gets inspired by him. He gets to push artists for experimentation, practicing and failing our craft. He brings the concept to not limit yourself by your fear and always challenge yourself to upper levels whatever your art is. 
Just saying, Dr.Dre said that Rubin is, "hands down, the dopest producer ever that anyone would ever want to be, ever." Wow.
Here's a part of the making of The Black Album (2003) :: Rick Rubin recording one of his best hits 99 Problems