The Lost Tapes 2

album goat HIPHOP nas old school rap swizz beats the lost tapes

One of the greatest in the hip-hop game, not debatable, Nas. Escobar has returned. For the ones that does not know the concept of The Lost Tapes, Nas gives us some features tracks that were recorded on his previous records but didn't make the cut for some reasons.

This compilation album is loaded with creatives musical geniuses like Swizz, Kanye, Pharrell, RZA, Pete Rock & more. According to Apple Music, the compilation album comes from sessions that he gaves us on Hip-Hop is Dead (2006), Untitled (2008), Life is Good (2012). 

For the real hip-hop fans, listening to a new Nas project is heaven to our ears. It’s rare... enjoy the jazz melody production.




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